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USANA Essentials for business: Presenting a Powerful Testimonial

Jun 20, 2011 0 comments

In our previous blog: Running a Successful Business Event, we talked about some tips on how to give a good presentation. Now, we’d like to talk about being able to deliver a great testimonial to engage your audience. It seems like a rule of thumb for success in all businesses – we share stories because we want to influence people. Once people are inspired, they will make a commitment to your business, right?

You might think, yeah, yeah, it’s easy to say, but hard to do? We hear you! Nobody is born an excellent presenter. We have heard so many times “I am not a good presenter, because I am too shy to talk in public…” But if having the courage to talk in front of people and powerfully share your story (or someone else’s) was what you needed to develop your business, would you still use your shyness as an excuse?” I will choose to face it and defeat it, because I know that’s my weakness and I have to overcome it, no choice!”

Where should we start?

The good news is USANA Australia is running regular Testimonial Trainings called Your Millionaire Minute to help Associates learn to deliver a powerful and effective one minute USANA testimonial. The first training was held on 17th of May and we had a great number of people turn up. People wrote their scripts on the spot, practised their testimonials and got coached on ways to improve. Heaps of wonderful USANA stories were told and tips were shared.

Attendees were given a handout which included tips such as:

  • Understand that a share has a structure – beginning, middle and end. Make sure it is a story with a point. Know what your point is and make sure it’s aligned with the intention of the evening
  • Relax as quickly as you can so the audience can relax
  • Find a way to generate energy and enthusiasm in your speaking (practice in the mirror, or do some physical exercise, which I find is very helpful)
  • Be aware of your gestures, use them to enhance your message, minimise fidgeting, stand with good posture
  • Engage your audience, learn to make proper eye contact, smile, welcome them into your heart
  • Dress code – always professional business attire
  • Use simple language, avoid jargon


Well, will have to stop here, as we would like you to come to the training and find out the rest tips yourself. To find out more, call Glenda Rope at the USANA head office in Sydney on 02 9842 4500.

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