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Getting the most out of events – International Convention countdown is on.

Jul 30, 2014 0 comments

August. If you’re a USANA associate, you would know; August is the most exciting month of the year. Happy Birthday to USANA, 2014 marks the big 22! To celebrate, anyone who’s anyone will be in Salt Lake City for the International Convention (IC)!

As a fairly social person myself, I get more excited about events than anything else we do in USANA. It doesn’t matter whether it’s meeting someone for a hot Rev3, a team get together, or a corporate event, I’m there! You can imagine my excitement about attending the BIGGEST of all the USANA events with a group of my fellow friends/family/USANA-lovers.

There are many things that get me excited about events, from mingling with like-minded people, to the high-vibe energy, and at the forefront of that list is what we learn and are inspired to do.

blog3Attending an event can be overwhelming for the first-timers, and even seasoned event attenders. There are so many people, so many leaders, and so much to do and see. The aim is to enjoy yourself, however we must make sure we that we are using the experience to propel our businesses. It is prime time to ask questions, meet those USANA leaders you look up to, and get the practical steps you need to take yourself and your team to the next level. Being my third time at IC, myself, and a couple of Team Ignite leaders, have come up with some action steps to make sure everyone is taking the most out of the event. Below is a list of things we are doing as a team during and post IC.

  • Make an itinerary. Yes, things don’t always go to plan, and sticking to it 100% may not be the most important thing, however we do need to make sure everyone is on the same page. The USANA Events app has released the timetable for convention, which makes planning for the event very easy. Make sure you and the team know when the general and breakout sessions are, as well as registration, shop, and socialising time. That way everyone is clear on what is happening, and it will decrease confusion, and eliminate overwhelmingness.
  • Book ahead. Accommodation is not the only thing which requires pre-booking. Plan ahead on restaurants you want to eat at for Lunch and Dinner (or just have a Nutrimeal), and make sure to book in. During previous events we were so overwhelmed by the amount of people and variety, we rarely managed to eat together as a team. This year, we’ve pre-booked everything!blog5
  • Have a notebook. At the beginning of the notebook have a list of tick-boxes. These are for the non-negotiable action steps to be taken post convention. As you listen to different speakers on different topics, you will from time to time hear things which make you feel you are the only person in the room, and this segment was written especially for you. Put a note down next to the tick-box of something to remind you to put it in place when you get home.
  • Come with questions. Pre-convention it is a good idea to have a list of questions, or even just one power question, which you can ask a variety of different leaders to make sure you take out of convention what you most need to get out of it. An example could be: “What is the most important thing you continually do to succeed”. Boom, done.
  • Team building activities. Convention is the perfect time to get together as a team, but also the perfect opportunity to push yourself out of your comfort zone. To combine the two, this year Team Ignite has come up with a list of items to achieve throughout the 4 convention days. When a minimum of 3 things on the list are completed each day, a prize will be given at the team dinner. This includes meeting new friends, making new contacts, meeting diamonds, and a couple of silly challenges. During the team dinner, we will also share our top tip from what we learned that day, summing it all up on the last day.blog1
  • Post-convention accountability – don’t forget about the importance of post-event. It is so easy to go home fired up from what you learned, and then slip back into old habits and forget to apply. This year, make it different. As a team we have decided that by the end of convention we will have accountability partners, and catch up on Skype/phone/in person at least once every month to see that we are still on track with the goals we set. Setting a “before next IC” goal is always a good one to stay accountable to.
  • Have fun. Let’s face it, USANA people are the best in the world. We know how to have fun, lift each other up, and us kiwis are the cream of the crop!

Let’s make sure we come prepared so we take get as much as possible from our experience, and have NZ continue to show the USANA world how it’s done!

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