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Loved Health and Business Seminars in Auckland!!!

Sep 15, 2010 0 comments

WOW! That is the word that we’ll be using a lot because Health and Business in Auckland was just WOW!

The atmosphere was great, there was a buzz going around and the Aotea Centre was just a hub of excitement on Saturday 11 September 2010 from all the USANA Associates!

“Saturday was such an incredible day for us. It was so good that when the lunch break arrived, everyone around us wanted more and could have done without the break! I have never experienced that with so many people.” – Fiona Clayton (1-star Diamond Director)

“[Health and Business Seminar] was a great meeting. My team members and I enjoyed the program. Thanks!” – Jingyuan Wen and Qunhuan Li (Gold Director)

Health and Business this year revealed some great new USANA products and new business tools. We’ve got HYBRID technology and a great new DVD, a whole new Whitening Range from Sensé!

Health and Freedom Solutions DVD: We’v
e got the solution and now YOU’VE got it too – Make sure you get your hands on a copy of the Health and Freedom DVD because it’s going to give you that business edge and help you with your business!

“I thought the day was fantastic! What a great way to re-inspire and recreate the convention. I am very excited about the Solutions DVD – that is the BEST thing for our businesses ever as anyone can present with it.” – Andree Sabourin, Gold Director

“We had a fantastic day – it was amazing. I LOVE the new H&F DVD – I showed it to two prospects today and both of them are now very interested in joining USANA. We are also going to be using it at our H&F presentation. It is a fantastic tool and one which I am positive will help our team continue to grow our business to new heights!” – Romela Quinn-McLelland (Gold Director)

What’s Hybrid Technology? It allows bilayer tableting, so two unique formulations can be combined remaining distinctly separated and USANA is the first in the industry to use it!

Proflavanol C100 is a unique bioflavanoid supplement! An upgrade from Proflavanol 90 and Poly C, it provides grape seed extract and vitamin C to help your body combat damaging effects and free radicals.

Fibergy Plus: An upgrade to the Almond Crème Fibergy, Fibergy Plussources of fibre, it’s flavourless and provides a significant source of inulin and psyllium to help support the digestive system.

Sensé Blanc Balance Brightening Range: great new range to help with brightening, reviving, firming, whitening, moisturising and nourishing your skin!

On top of that, your generous donations have helped us to raise $662 for the Christchurch Earthquake appeal and USANA will match this generous donation. Our hearts and minds are with those who were affected by the Christchurch Earthquake and it was great to see your generous hearts on the day as well.

Health and Business was an amazing day and we can’t wait to see you all next year to get educated, get motivated and be inspired!

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