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Sharing the dream!

Sep 21, 2010 0 comments

Would you recommend something if you didn’t like it? The truth is that people wouldn’t use or recommend something if it wasn’t good – that’s just the honest truth. The people are honest and that’s what it’s all about.

Athletes wouldn’t use a product if it wasn’t good for them, they definitely wouldn’t use a product if it would hamper their progress so if they’re putting their name to something, you can be sure that it’s worth putting your name to.

Think about Steve Hooker, Captain of the Australian Track and Field team, World champion Pole Vaulter, currently in training for the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth games and recently featured in a 4 PAGE SPREAD in Ultrafit magazine! Steve’s been using USANA Nutritionals for six years and continues to experience the benefits of optimal health and wellbeing!

And Brent Newdick! What a champion! New Zealand’s medal hope and in training for Commonwealth Games! He recently placed 11th with a scored of 7828 points at the World Combined Events Challenge Event in Talence!

What about Ashleigh Neave? Our youngest athlete, she’s going places! She‘s inspirational and we’re so happy to be supporting her every step of the way! Ash has just won the under 19’s race category at the Tour de Taieri! Go Ash!

They wouldn’t use something if they couldn’t trust it, but with USANA, they can trust the products throughout their journey! Which is good to know!

Here at USANA we’re cheering for our Athletes especially as they approach the ames (Yes..one is from Australia and the other from New Zealand but a little friendly rivalry never hurt anyone and it’s going to be great!) Let the countdown begin!

With Commonwealth Games starting on the 3 October 2010 in Delhi! We just cannot wait for all the excitement!

And perhaps, for that little bit of a boost when we’re staying up late watching the games, a Rev-3 will help?

USANA Sponsored Athletes trust their nutrition to USANA, and as they prepare for the Commonwealth Games, we’re preparing to see them shine!

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