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Goals and Consequences #2: Embarrass Yourself for not Reaching Your Target

Mar 14, 2011 0 comments

In our previous blog, we mentioned that Carolyn Edwards, one of our New Zealand USANA Ruby Directors, had to deal with the consequences of not achieving her goals – to increase the commitment level to her USANA business. Now, USANA’s Customer Service Manager of USANA Australia and New Zealand, Nikki Stockton, shares her story: Nikki’s goal was to pass Phase I of the DSR program. The consequence if she failed? Nikki was to sing a whole song in front of the entire company at Staff Training!

You might be thinking; Hang on a minute, that’s nothing. I enjoy singing, even in front of a bunch of strangers! But for Nikki? She’s passionate about people, customer service, cooking… but not singing – especially in front of people.

How did Nikki go with the DSR program?

The USANA DSR program is a Distributor Services Representative program. It follows a process in which USANA trains Customer Service Representatives. It has three stages and each stage requires more advanced skills than the previous one. With the assistance of Nikki’s team and her regular reminders of the outcome if she failed to pass the program, Nikki successfully passed DSR I on time!

When USANA staff received an email which pretty much said, No singing from this Customer Service Manager at Staff Training, we were all a little bit disappointed, as we were really hoping to finally hear her ‘lovely’ voice. Alas, not this time! However, we felt happy for her. After all, she had done a wonderful job! It’s experiences like this that enhance the theory of ‘Consequences help to achieve goals’. Now Nikki has decided that she will hold onto this challenge – that is, if she fails DSR II or DSR III she will be singing – how’s that for a consequence?

At USANA we encourage everyone to succeed and like to reward those who do achieve their goals. Nikki was presented with a $100 Spa Voucher for accomplishing the task. Now she is going to enjoy the day of ‘rejuvenation’ at the Spa and recharge herself for the next challenge!

Leave your comment below to show your support to Nikki. If you have a story to tell, please send an email to nancy.wang@au.usana.com.

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