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John Amundsen, We Will Always Remember You!

Mar 21, 2011 1 comment

John Amundsen’s story came originally as a letter from USANA New Zealand Associates, David Payne and Sheryl Wickham. We’d love to share it with you:

John Amundsen……

A man who was known by just a few…………….but known by many by what he did.

Born 17-01-1943….passed away 28-12-2010

You see the first person to conceive the idea of regular health talks by the Doctor(s) in USANA in New Zealand was John Amundsen. He and David Payne were talking one day and he suggested we hold monthly Health talks using the wonderful Salus Health facilities built by the Doctors Lewis and other parties in Auckland. Then to engage USANA Associate Milton Berking and Dr. Gerald Lewis to speak.

So that is exactly what we did. We still have the original promotional poster for the first of these events in 2001! This event was held in a room that was capable of holding about 50 people comfortably. Almost instantly we had 100 people packing into the room with standing room only. Talk about a successful idea come to fruition.

Pictured above: the original promotional poster

John was always there helping set up any events the team was putting on. He was actively involved with the “Movin’ on Up” events largely behind the scenes.

I think there are many, many John Amundsens within USANA. People whose greatest activity is using the products and telling other people about their experiences. As a jogger and a heart surgery success story, John was always looking to manage his Cholesterol levels and his general fitness. A fan of the products in general his favourites were the Essentials and Optomega, the vegetable oil version of the Biomega capsules of today.

John worked for many years in the Insurance industry. He has two daughters who both have children of their own. He had a passion for things Scottish including membership of the Auckland Highland Pipe Band and was a member of The Greater Banded Wyandotte Soc.of NZ, a fun group.

USANA’s Associate, John Amundsen with his grand children

While never a superstar in the normal sense, John was a change-maker through his original idea of health talks which Dr. Monica and Gerald Lewis have taken to even greater heights now ten years later.

What a fine legacy to have left us all.

David Payne & Sheryl Wickham, New Zealand

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Comments (1)

  1. Helen Wenley
    March 21, 2011

    I joined Usana in 2000 and did attend those first health events at Salus Health. RIP John – you sure did a great job in getting those events going. I am a great believer in the Health Events to educate people as to why they do need to take Usana twice a day, every day for life!

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