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Raising the Bar with USANA

Apr 14, 2011 0 comments

Photos by: Clint Conner

A most aptly named event organized by USANA Associates in Perth, Western Australia. USANA indeed raised the bar that evening for their fellow Associates and guests with USANA Sponsored Athlete and Olympic Gold Medalist Steve Hooker featured as the major star of the night.

Steve Hooker was giving speech

Other speakers who spoke to 200 people in the room (more than half of whom were guests); Geoff Richards, one of Australia’s top personal trainers, Saree Hewlett, a physiotherapist who has incorporated USANA supplements into her Pilates and Physio practice, businessman Darren Berson who shared his story of an impressive 23 kg weight loss on the USANA RESET program, and James Roberts, a triathlete who trusts USANA supplements and Rev-3 to help him perform at his best during rigorous Iron Man events & lastly, Michael Zaballero, one of USANA’s Network Development Managers who represented USANA Corporate on the night.

Michael Zaballerro, Network Development Manager of South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia and Tasmania
was interacting with Associates

Mostyn Farmer, a USANA Associate at the event talks about his experiences..

From the moment I arrived, you could tell tonight was going to be special… By the time the doors opened the room was packed full of USANA associates and their guests. The excitement had reached fever pitch by the time Steve Hooker arrived! The highlight for me from his talk was when he described his greatest moment of learning at the Athens Olympics defeat during which he experienced an insight into the journey needed to win a Gold Medal. What a champion, what a great person and what a fantastic Ambassador for a great company USANA!

Feedback from other Associates and guests ranged from ‘awesome’, to ‘inspirational’, to ‘brilliant’.

We hope you are also inspired to hold your own events and SHARE the USANA message of true health and true wealth…tell us if you do and we will be sure to feature you in our blogs and newsletters.

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