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A Wonderful USANA Leader – Carmen Marshall

May 18, 2011 1 comment

Those who have read our previous blog about USANA’s Women In Business 2011, can’t wait to meet Carmen Marshall, an amazing lady who will inspire you in every possible way!

Lori Truman, USANA’s Executive Director of United States Field Development, thinks highly of her:
“Carmen is an amazing leader, you will love having her there! (at USANA’s Women In Business 2011). She is a wonderful presenter, trainer and coach! “

You ask …who is this amazing woman?

Carmen is the founder and president of Live Well International, a wellness training and leadership development company that attracts people worldwide from all walks of life wanting to improve their health, lifestyles and incomes. She is passionate about speaking, coaching, writing, teaching Zumba®, a “mostly” raw food lifestyle and exploring human potential.

She is a health, business and prosperity coach as well as a fitness and nutrition expert, speaker, writer and entrepreneur. Why wouldn’t you want to hear from someone with so many credentials under their belt?

Well so did we… So we decided to ask her a few questions about herself. Enjoy!

Q: How did you come to be involved with USANA?
A: When I was 27, I started my first Network Marketing company in Brisbane. I built my company for three years, was their top income earner for six months, and then sold my business before moving back to the US. After that, I researched 73 companies over one and half years, searching to find the best company in terms of product, company, compensation plan etc. USANA won hands down!

Q: What do you enjoy most about being your own boss?
A: The freedom to set my own hours; to create my day and my life, to love what I do every day. The ability to not have a cap on my income or self-expression is the most enjoyable side of being my own boss.

Q: What inspires and motivates you to keep moving forward?
A: Incorporating my passions into my business now rather than waiting till I have more time or money. My passions include Zumba®, nutrition and helping others in these areas. As soon as I started focusing on my passions, my business grew! As I grow and evolve, I continually bring that into my business and share this with other USANA Associates – both my team and Live Well members.

Q: What changes financially or otherwise, have you experienced in your life?
A: Huge financial independence, residual income, being in the top. I love the freedom of being able to continually create.

Q: What advice would you give to other aspiring women throughout the world?
A: Firstly, start a business – working for someone else will never (or rarely) help you be financially or time free. Secondly, I believe network marketing is the best business model because it sets up residual income. This allows you more time and freedom to expand what you love doing. Thirdly, incorporate what you love doing into your business. Lastly, Practise self-care (nutrition, supplementation, exercise, massage, time on your own, time with friends). The healthier you are, the better you feel about yourself physically and mentally, and as a result, the more your business will benefit.

Q: What has been the greatest challenge?
A: As my business grew exponentially – duplication and teaching others became the greatest challenge. I had to develop systems to be able to have everyone trained no matter how deep they were in my organisation.

Carmen will explore more on following topics at the event:

  • Integrating what you love into your business
  • Practising self-care as a business strategy
  • Why every woman has it in her to be successful in USANA in her own way, with her own talents, passions and gifts
  • Why every woman should have a residual income business

Want a sneak peak of Carmen? Watch this video – The Importance of Training by Carman Marshall

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