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USANA Wishes You All the Best for Earthquake Recovery

Jun 23, 2011 0 comments

Though it has been a couple of months since the nightmare earthquake happened in Christchurch, the devastation to families, businesses, the infrastructure and the environment will take longer to recover. Where possible, USANA has provided a helping hand to those who have lost everything. We got involved with A Helping Hand for Christchurch with Sensé body care packs and Nutrition bars. We have also been working on initiatives to support the recovery efforts and accepting the advice and input from USANA Associates.

We recently received a letter from USANA Associate Ken Roy and partner Sue Kelly, who are from Lyttelton, a place located in the Christchurch area that has been badly affected by the earthquakes. The letter is heart-warming and had a great impact on everyone we are sure you will be touched too!

“Dear USANA,

Hello from Lyttelton, New Zealand.

We are a small town perched on the edge of an (hopefully…) extinct volcano, very close to the epicentre of some of the most violent earthquakes recorded in recent times. It has been an interesting ride since September 2010 when it all started.

At that time we were living in a 90 year old brick stables – felt like it was coming down – but it was pitch black and the torch had other ideas – so we rode it out.

Pictured above a collapsed building in Lyttelton

Couldn’t believe we survived, and our old building seemed virtually unaffected. The noise had been so deafening, we were convinced the place was disintegrating, yet in the light, it was mostly intact.

There were nerve wracking weeks of aftershocks that followed. We moved our bed to another part of the building, and felt somewhat reassured. It seemed we had survived an earth shattering calamity with nary a scratch.

We were cut off from many normal services, but were extremely happy that we had reserves of USANA stuff to carry us through. I felt it was very important that we should not ignore health considerations whilst under so much stress.

As things were settling down, we began trying to resume our normal lives. The centre of our city was mostly a disaster area, but life was flourishing in the suburbs, so we concentrated our attentions there, and got on with it.

The February 2011 quakes were a huge setback. Many buildings fell down, and our stables began to do so while I was still in them. Needless to say, I did not loiter there, and devoted my attention to helping others who were in more serious condition.

On my return, it was obvious that the building had suffered much more trauma this time, and we were forced to evacuate it. What had been our home and work premises were now dangerous to be in. So began several weeks of recovering possessions, having to ignore the signs that prohibited us from entering our own home.

I spoke with engineers, and tried to engage their humane values, but at the end of the day, we were forced to become law breakers in order to salvage our lives.

With the aid of many wonderful friends and USANA Associates, we secured most of our belongings, and were able to pack them into various garages around the suburbs. Transport was difficult as many roads were impassable, but we strove to overcome those obstacles, and we endured.

Having stamina and health was paying great dividends.

Forced to share housing with extended family was humbling, but also extremely fortuitous. We were very grateful to have found a roof and a dwelling that had survived.

It was hard to operate a business with such limited services, and with my resources so scattered. Despite that, as people began to rebuild their lives, my services were in ever greater demand. It felt good to be engaged in the service of everyday people who had survived such an ordeal.

On Monday 13th June, the world fell apart again. We had survived two major disasters – a third seemed far beyond the realms of possibility.

But here it was.

Two major earthquakes within an hour of each other. No sooner were we picking ourselves up and congratulating each other on riding out another horrendous shake, than along came the bigger one, and all was again undone.

Buildings that may have been salvaged were destroyed. Kitchens were emptied yet again, as crockery and foodstuffs mingled on the floor. For many folks, new replacement items were dashed to pieces along with the remainder of the old. Soul destroying stuff.

For a day we were shell-shocked and disbelieving.

The following day we finished cleaning up, while bracing ourselves against the continuing explosive aftershocks that rocked everyone and everything.

Today we are trying to make sense of it all, and finding some small pleasure in grouping together and making the human aspects the most important ones.

Our lives have been repeatedly trashed and torn asunder.

Our hearts are strong, and we embrace our survival.

The USANA health we enjoy has preserved us from any sign of health issues regardless of the fact that our water supply has been contaminated, and our normal level of hygiene has been disrupted by intermittent services and food supplies.

It seems incredible that we still have internet connections while many still have no water or sewerage, and yet, that is the reality.

Our September USANA Autoship finally arrived one month after its due date, and our subsequent orders have mostly arrived on time. It has been a time of great contrast, and yet we face it all with renewed confidence that life will prevail, and things will return to normal one day. That day may yet span a decade.

Thank you to all who expressed concern for our welfare, and thank you USANA for your most excellent products and training.

I will admit that I have lost my mojo for pursuing business right now, and my target audience has mostly adopted a survival mentality. I would love to be able to show them all what a huge difference optimum health does for one’s survival in these times – but there is a little too much resistance to any form of sales approaches just now.

It will come.

Many thanks to you all.”

Ken Roy and Sue Kelly

Wow, what a moving story! We wish you all the best on the road to recovery. And you are not alone, we will always be around to support you.

If you have a story to share regarding the Christchurch earthquake or Queensland flood, please contact us on nancy.wang@au.usana.com, or leave your comments below.

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