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USANA Leaders Never Stop Going Forward

Aug 01, 2011 0 comments

The sign of a rewarding experience is that you come away with more than you brought. The Diamond Forum and Gold Retreat 2011 in the Hunter Valley are just those types of experiences. What did our Associates and staff bring home? Sweet memories, inspiration and a strong belief in the future of USANA. Although the Diamonds spent only three days with the new Gold Directors their affect was long lasting. I was impressed by the spirit of USANA’s family members – they are all deeply engaged in what they do. They are open minded and passionate, they love to help others and are also excellent communicators… the right attributes for being a successful USANA leader.

Combine these attributes with a hunger for success and the recipe is exciting. In the USANA world, there are two leadership ranks between Gold and Diamond. Fresh Gold Directors mingled with seasoned Diamond leaders and this provided the necessary alchemy to turn precious metal into sought after jewels. The resulting chemistry created an environment that celebrated, motivated and illuminated the path from Gold to Diamond and USANA’s newest leaders unwrapped this gift absorbing the knowledge at every opportunity.

They played hard, but learned more…

Pictured above the leaders and USANA staff plant a ‘USANA’ family tree in the Hunter Valley Garden – this is a unique USANA way to nurture and witness the growth of our future. If you happen to be there, make sure you visit.

At the McWilliams’ Vineyard, we played team-building games. USANA leaders and staff were divided into teams and each team was asked to mix a bottle of wine, design a label and create and perform their commercial to sell the wine. Each team member was engaged in the games and had a lot fun. This is the winning team with their commercial:

Finally, you can tell our new Gold’s are very positive about their future in USANA – listen to their comments below:

There are hundreds of photos from this trip, go to Smugmug to view all of them now.

P.S. One of the leaders told me that beyond the health and wealth that USANA has brought him, he found something else. Something beyond his expectations – the sense of achievement in helping others with their health and wealth, and this is the motivation that keeps him going.

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