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Welcome On Board, Geoff!

Sep 14, 2011 0 comments
Have you heard that USANA Australia now has been injected with fresh blood, Geoff? Haven’t? Here is the Press Release for your read.

Geoff’s presence will boost USANA’s ‘metabolism’ and nourish the very ‘cells’ that reach every corner of a prosperous USANA family!

With his past experience in the industry as Sales and Marketing Director of Avon, Geoff surely has his ‘secret weapons’ for building a successful Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business:

“I believe in great training, on great motivation, on strong planning, but at the end of the day, nothing replaces action and hard work. Building a team takes time and effort, it’s about having those conversations, it’s about committing to yourself how much time you will spend actually building your business and holding yourself accountable. Nothing truly worthwhile in life is easy, and that’s also true about building a business here at USANA. The great thing about USANA is that dedication, effort and commitment is rewarded, and rewarded richly!”

You might wonder why he chose USANA? Great minds think alike – we asked exactly the same question and Geoff answered without hesitation: “That’s easy! USANA has a perfect combination of the three essential ingredients for success: the highest ethics of the company; the best products which are grounded in the best science and an unrivalled compensation plan.” What a nice comment!

Being a ‘busy bee’, Geoff was notoriously bad at taking his nutritional supplements and like what happens in nearly every family, his wife used to constantly remind him to take them! Having said that, he has just started his great love affair with USANA supplements and is also looking forward to the USANA RESET program – a 12-week weight management program, getting ready for summer!

Pictured above: Geoff with his family

Geoff gave an excellent speech at the weekly Staff Training, where he shared his sense of humour with us. From this video, you will get to know more about him – not just on the career side, but also on his life side:

Let’s welcome Geoff with a round of applause!

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