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Have you got the low-down?

Apr 20, 2012 0 comments

USANA Connect4$uccess Tour

If you missed our first Connect4$uccess tour early this year, here is another opportunity for you – In June, Tony and Tammy Daum will be jetting over from their Florida base home to share insider hints and tips at the second C4$ tour. With hundreds of USANA titles and awards under their belt, Tony and Tammy Daum are one of the most passionate USANA Associates, truly motivated to help others to successfully create passive residual income. They have encouraged many people to success and helped many individuals create a vision for turning their dreams into a practical reality.

Come and join Tony and Tammy as well as other positive Associates from all across the city this time, connect and learn from each other and wake up your long-slept motivation, as this is what Connect4$uccess is all about.

Any online USANA buzz?


USANA is mentioned in the Sydney Morning Herald – the recent article ‘Slip, slop or scare tactic?’, brings up the awareness of Vitamin D deficiency. While over 1800 people in Australia die of skin cancer each year, you might need to consider an alternative way to satisfy your Vitamin D needs.

Other mentions of the same topic in the major Australian newspapers are:

Our own CEO, Dave Wentz is interviewed by Direct Selling Education Foundation (DSEF), talking about his passion, USANA Associates, USANA’s ethics and other topics. And a bit earlier, he shared his tips on using his own Social Media output to engage USANA employees internationally.

One of our Aussie USANA Associates, Lucille Rogers believes nutritional supplements are important to boost our antioxidant level. And check out this cool photo of her with the new Rev3 on the local newspaper, Hornsby Advocate.

With recent openings of USANA offices in Thailand, France and Belgium, the What’s Up, USANA? team has started a world news tour, taking you around the world and give you a look into the international happenings of USANA Health Sciences. The first stop is Canada and USANA Australia and New Zealand is just a few stops away, so keep a close eye out for it and give our stop a huge ‘Woo Hoo’! If you are a Social Media lover, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook in the market where you are at, as well as in your native language.

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