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RESET Challenge: Renuka’s terrific weight-loss triumph!

Apr 19, 2013 2 comments

By USANA staff

Renuka Keenawinna had battled with her weight from a very young age. The confessed comfort eater says that although eating made her feel better for a short while, nothing could help her feel good about herself when she braved the mirror.

‘I often used my family as an excuse to help myself cope with my weight fluctuations and put off tackling my unhealthy behaviour. For example, what mother doesn’t want to give her kids the best opportunities to excel? To do this, I had to drive them around everywhere didn’t I? Why should the family have to eat steamed vegetables and diet foods just because it was me that was overweight? They were always there and I needed to do the household chores. So, what time was left for me to exercise?’

Keeping it under wraps

And so the excuses went on and Renuka says that she kept her self-loathing and low self-esteem hidden – the baggy clothes certainly helped! But being on the sidelines as a participant in what should have been an active life was increasingly getting her down.

Then at the beginning of the year, Renuka made a life-changing decision. She made a promise to herself and her family to get healthier. She joined the USANA RESET program.

Taking each stage head on, Renuka started to see amazing results and she has lost a staggering 25 per cent of her starting body weight – an incredible loss of 20kg.

‘It has literally reset my life and goals!’ says a delighted and super slim Renuka. ‘Now, I can shop for fashionable clothes that flatter my figure instead of hiding under baggy, shapeless outfits.’

And her incredible weight-loss has boosted her health, too. ‘My cholesterol level is lower now and I have more energy and I have a much more positive outlook – not just for myself, but for my children, too,’ says Renuka.

Setting healthy examples

But getting to a healthier weight is not just important for her – the loving mum has always had her children’s best interests at heart.

‘I have always wanted to do what was best for my family and now I realise that setting a good example with a healthy lifestyle is so important!’ says Renuka.

Now more confident about getting involved in life and doing the things that her weight stopped her from doing before, Renuka is even taking up new activities on top of her now-regular exercise. ‘The thought of getting into a bathing suit disgusted me before and I never learnt how to swim. But now, it’s not such a scary prospect. And my daughter has even offered to teach me!’

Renuka before…

Superslim and gorgeous – Renuka after
losing a quarter of her starting body weight










A glowing example

Getting involved and being so successful in the RESET Challenge has given Renuka the confidence to expand her USANA business and focus on the RESET program in particular.

Are you ready to reset your life?

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