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Greetings to my new USANA family!

Oct 04, 2013 1 comment

Amanda Tutty – our new
Network Development Coordinator

Hi there
I am Amanda Tutty and I am excited to be part of USANA New Zealand. I’ll be based at the Auckland office but came over to meet the staff at Sydney HQ, Here’s what I learned…

First week working for USANA and I jet-setted off to Sydney to meet the team and to learn the ins and outs of the Company and get to know more about the amazing products that are on offer. Monday morning included visiting a potential venue in Paramatta, for the upcoming November roadshow. I spent time with one of the Network Development Managers, Cecilia, who introduced me to some of the Associates that I’ll being working alongside.

Second day on the job and I walk into Sydney’s USANA’S head office presentation room, the Dr Wentz theatre at lunchtime. There, I joined around 15 or so of my female colleagues lying on the floor in relaxation. Welcome to a one hour yoga class at 12 O’clock on a Tuesday! As I joined the class, I felt relaxed, refreshed and limbered – lucky for me as that afternoon was all about getting my head around the compensation plan;)

After hearing about the high profile list of athletes that USANA sponsors, I was excited to meet with one of the, mountain man and marathon runner, Mike Allsop. In the build-up to Mike’s next venture which will be to complete the highest marathon in the world alongside another fellow New Zealander, Lisa Tamati, I’ll be working closely with this dynamic duo. They have such a fantastic background and great stories to tell. I’m really looking forward to reading Mike’s book which is due to be released next month.

My action packed week was coming to an end. So what kept me going? My new favourite Rev3™ Drink, with a berry/creaming soda flavour and a kick of natural energy, I can tell it will be my new 3pm pick me up! But not all USANA products are new to me. I have used the Sensé skin care products, over the past 10 years. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to learn more about the nutritional range (I’ve already got a long list of products that I want to try!).

• Spending time sitting down with each member of the USANA team was fantastic. What a talented bunch of people – I’m looking forward to working with them all! Next stop; first week in the New Zealand office! Bring on the exciting times ahead…

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Comments (1)

  1. Tim Haran
    October 04, 2013

    Welcome to USANA, Amanda! It sounds like your first week was action-packed. Glad to read about it on USANA, word!

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