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BOOM – “I knew it was going to be great…”

I am SO glad  I managed to get tickets to recent BOOM event with Dr Brian Dixon and Jordan Kemper!

I knew it was going to be great, but it actually exceeded my expectations.

Lets start at the beginning, the night of the guest event…

This was the first time I had heard Dr Brian Dixon speak. I loved his down to earth manner and simply put information that could have easily been made too complicated for the average person to understand. mikeblog2

Just a couple of great points I got from Dr Brian’s talk were:

– The “Health Continuum” as we move from Health – Frailty – Disability – Death

Checking in with ourselves, where we think we are in this, knowing we find out, something is going wrong with our cells, we can intervene and start to reverse it.

– Through medical advances we are keeping people alive longer, but it’s at the wrong end of the health continuum.

– YOU control your Healthspan – 1/3 environment 1/3 Genetics 1/3 Lifestyle

– Chemical Coding that lays over our genetic code has a huge impact on our genetics. The Chemical Coding in a person, can affect up to 3 generations. So the way you live, will effect your children and children’s children.

This was followed by the awesome Jordan Kemper…2014-09-27 13.22.58

What I loved about Jordan, was his very grounded and centered way of being. He delivered a fantastic message, however it wasn’t just his great content it was how her did it.

I think I speak for everyone that heard him that night, what really shined through was Jordan’s AUTHENTICITY to be there for others and to help everyone in the audience to catch the vision and make a positive change in their lives.

I really feel it was this, that created the great feedback from team members and guests at the event.

This is a real reminder that our job as USANA Associates, is to have an attitude of being there for others and focusing on how we can be of service.

If we come from this place, people not only see it but most importantly, they FEEL it!

The training the next day continued with same level of energy and value from the previous night with a great Questions and Answers session with Dr Brian Dixon and Jordan Kemper giving his all and sMIKE BLOGhowing us the Fast Start training he has developed for his team.

Following Convention and the BOOM Event, we have seen some great momentum and rank advancements, this really shows the importance of getting you and your team along to events!

Written By: Michael Harris

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