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Benefits of Attending Events

Nov 16, 2016 0 comments business growth, events, networking

Business is all about networking, building relationships and taking action. There are many events available which can help you to achieve these things and grow your business to where you’ve always dreamed. Not convinced that they can help you? Have a read of some of the great benefits of attending events.

AP Convention. Shaking hands with Myron Wentz

2016 Asia Pacific Convention – Shaking hands with USANA founder Dr. Myron Wentz

We’ll start with the obvious one… Networking!

An event is the best place to draw energy from friends and associates to keep you motivated to achieving your goals. You can meet professionals in your industry and many people who have been where you are.

There can be opportunities to meet people you look up to in your industry and have a conversation with them face to face, which just wouldn’t be possible through email.

Not only are you getting exposure to those in the room, you’re building connections with their networks too!

As they say, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”.

Raise your profile

The best way to be visible and get noticed? Attend events. Regularly going to business and social events will mean that people will start to recognise you. You can build a reputation as someone who is knowledgeable, reliable and supportive. This means that others will think of you first! Just what you want!

Absorb the energy

The unique atmosphere at an event is unlike anything else. It is truly motivating and can propel you into taking action and implement what you’re learning. There is no better way of getting inspired than through sharing ideas.

Shared knowledge and ideas

There are many entrepreneurs who have been in your shoes and going to an event offers the great opportunity to learn from them. The best advice you can get from people who have been in your position, is how to avoid the same mistakes that they made.


USANA 2016 Life Unlocked International Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Lastly, go to events to have fun!

Sure, it’s awesome to meet experts in your field, to learn and grow your business! However, it’s also a great chance to mingle with like-minded individuals and have a great time!

The best thing about events in my opinion is surrounding yourself with people who share a similar drive and ambition, and creating the opportunity for you to move forward as a group.

Okay, you’ve sold me! What USANA events can I attend?

Under The Microscope – Friday 2nd – Saturday 3rd December 2016

USANA Celebration 2017 – Thursday 19th – Saturday 21st January 2017

USANA Asia Pacific Convention – Wednesday 26th – Friday 28th April 2017

Written by Monique Sparks

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