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A Glance Under the Microscope with John Cuomo

Dec 16, 2016 0 comments cellsentials, under the microscope, usana events

It was a fantastic weekend at Under The Microscope, with the opportunity to learn from one of the top “brains” behind InCelligence – USANA’s Executive Director of Product Development and Technology – Dr John Cuomo. With his experience in synthetic organic chemistry, manufacturing, and analytic methods, his contribution to USANA is invaluable!

From the flashy Friday night at the Auckland museum to the up close and personal associate trainings. It was a pleasure to meet Dr Cuomo and get a much better understanding of InCelligence and what sets it apart.

Under the Microscope Guest Speaker – Erica Hinkson

At Friday nights official New Zealand launch of InCelligence, Dr John Cuomo shared the stage with Associate Professor Erica Hinckson. She is the co-director of the Centre for Child Health Research, a member of the Human Potential Centre at AUT and gained her PhD in Exercise Physiology in 2005. To read more about Erica click here!

Erica’s work receives constant attention from popular media, most recently in the Sunday Star Times, the North Shore Times, and Dominion Post.

Understanding InCelligence

At his in depth and informative training Dr Cuomo explained the science behind InCelligence, so that we could get a much better understanding of how it works and why InCelligence puts USANA ahead of the rest in terms of nutritional supplements.

While he went into much more detail, an important message I took away was that InCelligence doesn’t just overload your body with vitamins, it helps your cells to do what they’re supposed to do. With the average lifestyle in New Zealand (and much of the world) today, many of us don’t have optimal diets and are not getting optimal exercise. You’d be correct in thinking that our cells might not be doing their job optimally either. That’s why our InCelligence technology in the CellSentials and other vitamins is so important, as well as trying to lead a healthy lifestyle.erica hinckson; john cuomo; under the microscope


If you want to really understand the USANA business and products and grow the success of your own business, make sure you head along to our upcoming events! Visit The Hub to get involved with Celebration and many more USANA events!

To get a look back to our Friday night at the Museum click here!

Written by Monique Sparks

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