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Personal Growth and Events

Jan 31, 2017 0 comments celebration, events, personal growth

So, we’ve written about how events can help you grow your business in Benefits of Attending Events. Now you want to know how it can help your personal growth. At events you’re surrounded by top business leaders, entrepreneurs and influencers, and they know about business. However, did you know there is so much you can apply to your whole life too?


3 Ways Events Help YOU

  • Life skills

The life skills successful entrepreneurs apply to their business, will also help lead to success in other areas of life. Something I found particularly memorable from our USANA Celebration 2017 speaker Michael Callejas was that we need to say things with posture, or in other words confidence. He said not to start with ‘I think’, but with ‘I know’. He also mentioned that we shouldn’t wait for the perfect time. Practice makes perfect… so how do we get to perfect? By going out and doing the best we can!

  • Social life

Friends - personal growthIt is such a great environment at events and a great community. You’ll meet people that are on the same road as you, who are striving for growth and success too. Events open up the opportunity to build powerful friendships with people going in the same direction as you.

  • Motivation

What’s the difference between reading information rather than experiencing it at an event? Bringing the idea to life. You actually get to meet mastermind entrepreneurs and hear what they have to say from their own mouths. Find your ‘why’ for whatever you’re doing and it will inspire you to get it done!

Here’s a recap of our inspirational Celebration speakers:

Recently we had USANA Celebration 2017 in New Zealand and got to hear from top leaders. It was an event not only filled with motivation, but loads of entertainment.

Leaders never stop learning - personal growthWe heard from Elizabeth Rider, a Certified Health Coach, blogger, business mentor and entrepreneur. She talked about ‘Giving yourself permission to be successful’. Next up we had Chief Scientific Officer for USANA, Dr Rob Sinnott on the topic of the Future of Science. Pilot, adventurer and Everest climber, Mike Allsop inspired us to climb mountains and reach great heights with his TED talk ‘Small Steps to the Top of the World’. Michael McQueen is one of the world’s foremost experts in demographic shifts, change management and future trends and has helped some of the world’s best-known brands navigate change and stay ahead of the curve. He covered Mastering the Art of Momentum and the 5 Enemies of Momentum. Tim Reid, Founder and host of Australia and New Zealand’s number one business and marketing podcast – The Small Business Big Marketing Show, discussed ideas from his book, The Boomerang Effect. He had queues waiting straight after his speech! I loved how he discussed that marketing was all about helping people, and finding out what they want to know. Last, but not least, entrepreneur Michael Callejas enlightened us with his version of a TED talk ‘The changing nature of our economy and impact on employment’.

There are so many events out there and there will be one perfect for you. Keep an eye out for USANA events on our Facebook page! Remember that personal growth and business growth go hand in hand.


Written by Monique Sparks


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