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Geoff Watt Visits New Zealand

Over the past week, I’ve had the great privilege of touring New Zealand, seeing your beautiful country and meeting some of the most inspirational USANA Leaders anywhere in the world.

From Auckland to Taupo, down to Wellington and Christchurch, we talked, laughed and talked hard about how we can together take this amazing business to the next level.  You would think that there would have been great diversity between cities and countries, between Chinese teams and Kiwi, but I’m always amazed to see that what we have in common is so much stronger than any small differences.

I was struck by the rich resources of talent, diverse professional backgrounds and high levels of commitments and enthusiasm in the teams.  The balance between youth and experience provides an exciting team platform for the growth ahead.

Overwhelmingly, you are so proud of New Zealand.  We need to make sure that we have access to strong resources that talk about USANA in a local context, featuring local faces and voices.  You wanted us to double our efforts in providing a calendar or structure for the time ahead which you could use to make your own plans.  You were almost unanimous in a request to boost on-line resources, to have access to strong relevant product and business training, which can be used the way your team thinks best.  You reminded us that this business is supposed to be fun, to make sure we provide plenty of opportunities to compete and laugh, and for names from big and small teams to be celebrated for victories.

Robyn and I were energised by our time with you.  We’re so excited about 2017 and beyond.

Thank you for your time, your warm welcome, for your wonderful hospitality, and most importantly for your friendship.  Certainly our best years at USANA are ahead of us as we together share the vision of Dr Wentz and create the Cellular Nutrition Company of the Future.

See you soon,




Geoff Watt, Regional General Manager Geoff Watt

Regional General Manager

Australia and New Zealand


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