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How to Utilise USANA Business Tools!

Apr 13, 2017 0 comments business tools, sharing, social media

We’ve recently uploaded a brand new video to our USANA NZ YouTube channel, which is a great animation introducing business opportunities with USANA. It explores several reasons why you might want to become an independent associate such as earning extra income or having more time with your family.

You can use this tool to create interest and excitement, or even introduce USANA to people who have never heard of us. So, what’s the best way to use this tool to stir interest in joining as a USANA independent associate?

Ruby Director, Million Dollar Club Member, and Vision Award Winner, Romela Quinn shares the best way to utilise the video. She shared it on her personal and business Facebook pages, and got great results!  She’s already had inquiries from people wanting to know more!

Step One: Share it

Pointing out the obvious here, but if you don’t share it, it doesn’t get seen. Don’t be afraid to post it onto your Facebook. Help spread the word to potential prospects.

The Call to Action

Call to Action

Romela explains that it is important to create a call to action. Ask people to take a few minutes to watch the video, and then connect with you. Make sure you let people know how they can contact you for more information.

Follow Up

Make sure you reach out to potential prospects who have inquired or shown interest. Don’t wait, as a leader, make the first move!

It’s as simple as 1-2-3!

Written by Monique Sparks

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