Asia Pacific Convention 2017

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Last week I set my sights on beautiful Singapore, otherwise known as the Lion City, for USANA’s Asia Pacific Convention.


Andrea and Tracy at APC

As this was my first Asia Pacific Convention (APC) I was filled with emotions. I was scared, excited, anxious and feeling very hot! We arrived at Suntec where there were lines as long as the Great Wall of China. I have never seen anything like it. Flags and costumes from around the world, the atmosphere was vibrant you could smell the excitement in the air.

I was privileged enough to hear some of the amazing stories featured in the “Hero segment”. One of which was from a recently widowed mother of 4, who lost everything when her husband died. She had to make one of the most painful decision that any parent could, and that was to put her kids in an orphanage. She couldn’t read or write and struggled to survive until she was introduced to USANA. The now Executive Gold Director from Malaysia has turned her life around for the better, with her ultimate goal to eventually have her family together again. The story didn’t end there. The audience were up in their seats when USANA announced that they had brought her kids all the way from Malaysia to spend the weekend with their mum in Singapore- there was not a single dry eye in the crowd.

I was overwhelmed by the passion and commitment that our associates had.

The biggest highlight of all, apart from meeting so many different leaders from the around the world, was having New Zealand’s USANA’s Got Talent winner Brian Cheng perform ‘Unchained Melody’. He blew the crowd away and even had a standing ovation from none other than Dr. Wentz himself. He put New Zealand on the map and made every Kiwi in the crowd proud to be from New Zealand.

Check out his performance below!

Singapore was also our destination to celebrate the USANA employees of the year. Tracy Huang, New Zealand’s customer service representative was acknowledged for her dedication, hard work, as well as her warm and friendly approach with customers. We are very proud of you Tracy, well done!

Thank you Singapore for an amazing experience I look forward to seeing what next year has installed for us!

Written by Andréa Pillay

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