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World Service Week Inspiration

May 22, 2017 0 comments community, giving, USANA World Service Week

USANA’s first ever World Service Week kicked off to a great start! World Service week is from May 20 – May 27. It’s there to inspire you to throw a little kindness into the world. A small gesture can mean the world to someone else. Take this chance to see what you can get involved with in your community! We have some amazing activities planned by our associates that you can get involved with, or you can get your creative juices flowing and come up with your own way of giving back.

We don’t have favorites… but our favorite associate this week is Executive Ruby Director Romela Quinn. She has put together a weeks worth of good deeds that you can get involved in. Keep reading for how you can join in, or even get some inspiration.

Charity Walk for the Homeless

USANA world service week

This weekend Romela organised a group of generous associates to start off World Service Week with a charity walk. They put together care packages to donate to people who are homeless and in need on our own Auckland streets. Their care packages included sandwiches, fruit, blankets, pillows, sleeping bags, clothing, soap, shampoos and face cloths. The toiletries care package turned out to be one of the most valued.

world service week charity walk

Marcus hand packed over 50 care packages. A bar of soap, bottle of shampoo and a facecloth.

There were some very generous donations of food. People donated many home-made sandwiches, breakfast foods and more.

world service week charity walk

Don’t worry if you missed out on this walk, there’s plenty of time to go out and give to the people who could use a little help with the essentials for the rest of this week and into the future.

Monday 22nd May – Donating to Auckland City Mission


The USANA crew is out today donating  to Auckland City Mission in Auckland CBD. They’re bringing items such as tinned food, used clothing, blankets and pillows. If you have items that you no longer need and that are in good condition, rather than throwing them away, donate them to your local second hand store. It doesn’t always cost to give back.

Tuesday 23rd May – Blood Donor Centre

It isn’t every day you can help save someone’s life – but that’s exactly what you do every time you donate blood. Blood contains life-saving components that can help treat many illnesses and injuries. Check out the NZ Blood website to see if you’re able to donate blood! If you would like to come along with us we’ll be meeting 10am at USANA, level 1, 93 Ascot Ave, Greenlane, Auckland. We’ll head off to Epsom Blood Donor Centre at 10.30am to donate blood. However, before we head off, we’ll take a group photo outside the office.

world service week donate blood

Wednesday 24th May – Nutrition Education at a Low Decile School

A small group will be visiting a low-decile school in Auckland to do a talk about the importance of good nutrition for children. If you’d like to contribute, please donate either a bottle of Usanimals or BioOmega Jr to Romela at the USANA office before Tuesday afternoon.

Thursday 25th May – Visiting a Rest Home

Gather with Romela 9.45am at the office and bring an item of food, such as muffins, to donate to the rest home residents. There are limited spaces, so you’ll need to book with Romela beforehand. It could be really valuable to volunteer at a rest home. Your companionship would be greatly appreciated, as well as learning new skills and meeting new people.

Friday 26th May – True Health Foundation Donation

For a feel-good Friday, make a one-off donation of any amount to the USANA True Health Foundation. You can donate through your shopping cart on The Hub to make a positive difference for the New Zealanders that need it most.

Saturday 27th May – Sensé for Women’s Refuge Charity

We’ll finish off World Service Week with a Sensé Workshop for USANA associates and guests. Help out a fellow woman by donating a Sensé bodycare item for Women’s Refuge Charity. Please purchase your product and bring it with you to the workshop. Booking is required for this event. Please email Monique.Sparks@nz.usana.com to register.

Feel free to jump on board with these activities this week, or give back to your community the way you know how. A big thank you to the wonderful Romela Quinn for putting together all of these great activities. Remember to use the #USANAgives when you post any photos of your World Service Week activities, so that we can see what you’re getting up to! Also, remember that no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

For more photos click here!

Written by Monique Sparks
Marketing Assistant – USANA New Zealand 

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