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World Service Week Staff Picks

May 25, 2017 0 comments community, volunteer, World Service Week

What is USANA’s World Service Week?

USANA’s World Service Week is about giving back in your own way. It’s a global initiative across USANA and runs from May 20 to May 27. Although it’s only for a week, it will hopefully get you thinking about the small ways you can help out in the long term, and when we all do small things, it can make a big difference!

We (the USANA New Zealand staff) shared our favourite organisations to give you some volunteering inspiration!
Robyn Brown
USANA New Zealand Business Manager

Robyn Brown world service week

North Auckland Powerchair Football Club

“This is a sports club for kids and adults who use an electric wheelchair. Powerchair football is one of the few sports that these guys can be fully involved in and the competition is pretty fierce. On the court are 8 people in their very fast and very heavy chairs screaming around the court passing a large ball to each other by hitting it with a bumper on the front of the chair. We are all really hoping that one day this will become a Paralympic Sport. It takes so much skill and agility and I just love seeing the look of determination and joy on everyone’s faces!”


Tracy Huang
Customer Service Representative

Tracy Huang world service week

Starship Foundation

“I suggest the Starship Children Hospital. Starship cares for children of all ages, from tiny babies to teenagers.  Many children are far from home and in hospital for long periods of time, so they provide a range of items to help keep children distracted and entertained.  More happiness, less tears.”


Monique Sparks
Marketing Assistant

Monique Sparks world service weekRecreate New Zealand

“My pick is Recreate NZ. They have adventure, social, recreation and education programmes for youth who have mild to moderate intellectual disabilities. Their activities include camps, surfing lesson, camping and much more! I volunteered for them during university and the staff and young people are such a great bunch of people, it’s loads of fun and they’re really rewarding to volunteer with. On top of that you might get to do some fun activities with them!”


Rena Xu
Assistant Customer Service Team Lead

Rena Xu world service week

Conservation Volunteers New Zealand

“I pick Conservation Volunteers New Zealand. They conserve, restore, rehabilitate and manage land. This includes land owned by the community such as parks and reserves. They use a range of conservation tools and the power of volunteers to improve ecosystem function to support other land managers and provides access for people to enjoy and appreciate nature.”


Amanda Tutty
Director of Ethics and Education

Amanda Tutty world service weekSPCA

“I absolutely love animals, so the SPCA is close to my heart. SPCA Auckland helps protect approximately 15,000 animals in Auckland every year. Animals who are sick, injured, lost, abused or simply abandoned. They are the only charity with the power to protect all animals including prosecuting people under the Animal Welfare Act 1999. The SPCA rely on the generosity of the community to do their work as they only receive a small amount of government funding. Absolute rockstars!! If you want to help the SPCA, you can volunteer (yay for spending time with puppies!), donate animal food and warm blankets, put on a fundraising event or buy from the SPCA shop.”


Tracey Watts
Customer Service Team Lead

Tracey Watts world service weekKHISA (local cat rescue)

“I would volunteer at our local cat rescue (KHISA). They rescue abandoned cats and re-socialize them until they are ready to go to the SPCA to be rehomed. They give them vet treatment, they get desexed by the local vet, & feed them. This is all done by volunteers & donations. It is not usually the cats fault that they are homeless, most times it is humans that simply abandon them to fend for themselves.”


Andréa Pillay
Field Development Coordinator

Andréa Pillay world service weekNew Zealand Blood Service

“Blood is the fuel that keeps us alive. Both nutrients and oxygen are transported in our blood to various organs in our body, delivering the essential nourishment needed to stay alive. Without blood we couldn’t keep warm or cool off, we couldn’t fight infection or remove waste products. This is why I believe donating blood to NZ blood should be a ‘must do’ for all kiwis.”


Peter Ang
Customer Service Representative

Peter Ang world service weekCancer Society
“Cancer Society Auckland is an independent charity which is 100% community funded. They make it possible for everyone who cares about cancer to make a difference. They’re committed to reducing the impact of cancer on individuals and their community. As well as this, they conduct and fund world-class research, support people through their cancer journey and advocate to ensure governments take action on cancer. Plus, they help prevent and manage cancer into the future.”

World Service Week is almost finished, but your kindness doesn’t have to!

World Service Week is almost over, but there are limitless opportunities all around you to give back to the community. After all, isn’t the opportunity to make a difference in peoples’ lives the whole reason you joined USANA? #USANAgives

You can find out more about local organisations which are looking for volunteers here: https://volunteeringauckland.org.nz/

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