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USANA True Health Foundation Carnival

Aug 01, 2017 0 comments carnival, KidsCan, USANA True Health Foundtation

We had our first ever carnival for USANA True Health Foundation Day last Saturday. We all had so much fun, and not only that, but we raised thousands for the USANA True Health Foundation.

Money raised for the USANA True Health Foundation in New Zealand goes to KidsCan, which helps our local Kiwi kids. KidsCan partners with low decile New Zealand schools to provide basics like food, clothing and health care.


We are proud to say that everyone got together to work as a team, and we managed to raise over $3,500.

We Got Our Boogie On

USANA associate Dr. Dawn Ngatokorua’s kids and Romela Quinn’s niece did traditional Cook Island dancing. They even got the audience involved, teaching us a move or two! This was definitely one of the cutest and most fun parts of the event. Dawn hand-made all of the outfits and taught her kids, as well as other kids how to dance.



We had another incredibly talented little dancer doing an Indian dance. Her mum spent hours getting her ready, even painting her feet.



We also had a third dancer, the beautiful lady below. Our carnival wasn’t short of fun and dancing.


We Ate

There was a wide variety of delicious food. Beautifully decorated red velvet chocolate balls, Indonesian food, coffee, and Rev3 drinks. Our wonderful associate’s showed us their specialty dishes and they didn’t disappoint.


Bill and Jenny Huang at their teams table – the highest earning stall with snacks and their famous coffee.

We Played Carnival Games

We were surprised how low people could go on our limbo. We also played pin the tail on the donkey, ring toss and more.

carnival limbo

We Were Pampered

Simone Edwards, Olivia Marks, Valeria Edwards and Desrae Popata did an amazing job with setting up the Sensé hand spa and pampering everyone. We were blown away by their set-up.


We Laughed

The best part was seeing everyone enjoying themselves. The laughs and smiles were contagious and made all the hard work and contributions behind the scenes worth it.

And Much More Went On at Our Carnival

It doesn’t stop there. There were beautiful hand-made items, hena, and even a raffle.

A Big Thank You

A massive thank you to everyone who helped make this day a success.

Thanks to our AWESOME associates. You got together, gave your time, put in so much work and donated so much. Not only are you great entrepreneurs, but we saw such a variety of skills and creativeness come out. You gave so much to make this event possible.

Thank you to the families who came along and helped raise money for KidsCan and added to the positive atmosphere. We heard the parents could have even had more fun than the kids!


A big thank you to our corporate staff. It was completely optional to help out for this carnival and our USANA New Zealand staff generously volunteered on their day off to help the event run smoothly and clean up afterwards. Not only did they come along to help out, they even brought along family to help out too. Thanks to our extended USANA family.

Thank you to our behind the scenes helper, Gabriel. Not only did our associate Sunday Tsoi organise some amazing stalls, but her son Gabriel offered a big helping hand to corporate behind the scenes. From blowing up balloons to creating a music playlist for the event. We can’t thank him enough.


Sunday Tsoi and her son Gabriel

Raising Money and Moods

All and all, we’re very happy with how our carnival went. Not only did we raise thousands to give back to our local kids, but we had an awesome time while doing it. We worked together, worked hard and laughed even harder. Most of all, we did it as a USANA team.

Check out more photos of the event here. Tag your photos with #THFcarnival on social media so that we can check out your photos too!

Written by Monique Sparks
USANA New Zealand Marketing Assistant 

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