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Our Weekend Away With Future Leaders

The new USANA Future Leaders Incentive event is an opportunity for new Associates who successfully grow their USANA businesses. Our 2017-2018 qualifiers enjoyed a gala dinner and two nights’ luxury accommodation at a 5-STAR hotel beside our beautiful Lake Taupo. Plus, they learnt the skills necessary to take their business to the next level!

Andréa Pillay, USANA Field Development Coordinator and Jason Ma, USANA Customer Service Representative, fill us in with all the details of Future Leaders 2018 and even the staff’s eventful road trip.

USANA staff: Andrea, Jason and Robyn at Future Leaders 2018

USANA Staff: Andréa Pillay (left), Jason Ma (middle), and Robyn Brown (right)

Andréa Pillay, USANA Field Development Coordinator, goes over the good, the bad and the take home message

Our Future Leaders trip started like any other decent trip—good banter, great company and the best road trip music.

Half an hour into the trip, as we approached Bombay Hills (which looked like a countryside scenery from Texas Chainsaw) and smoke started coming through USANA New Zealand Business Manager, Robyn Brown’s car vents.

We pulled into the nearest gas station where a lovely woman pulled in next to us and offered her assistance. She said she knew a great mechanic up the road and would be happy to drive us there (which was also just like a scene from a horror movie). Luckily, aside from the horror start, it only got better!

The Lowlight

The car took two hours to fix!

The Highlight

The highlight for me was getting to know our associates on a personal level.

Another highlight was seeing how well Jason ran the Chinese session. He did an impromptu training due to the speakers finishing earlier than scheduled.

Something I learned on the trip

A take home message from Paul Edwards’ training on mindset is to use a ‘clearing technique’ every day to get rid of the negative thoughts that subconsciously creep up, which can affect your business, outlook on life and self-confidence.

Jason Ma, USANA Customer Service Representative, sums up the trip in five points!

  • Attitude! We all had a very positive attitude. Even after the car broke down, we were joking, laughing and nobody was upset.
  • Sharing! May Kuang is a perfect example. She shared her knowledge about how to build and maintain a team.
  • Learning! All the Future Leaders in Taupo were willing to learn. You could tell from how they were taking notes from the training.
  • Goals! We gave a piece of paper to our Future Leaders and asked them to write what their goals are. We will follow up and help them to achieve that. Now the Future Leaders have goals in place to grow into the Leaders we know they will be!
  • Evaluation! It wasn’t just the associates doing some serious learning! On the way back to Auckland, we discussed how we could improve the next Future Leaders event, so it’s even BETTER next year.

All in all

It was a terrific start for our Future Leaders event this year with a great bunch of people, even if the ride there was a bit smokey!

We can’t wait to meet the newest Future Leaders next year! Keep an eye out on the Hub for next year’s Future Leaders event details.

For the event photos click here!

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