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Parking Reminder

Aug 19, 2018 0 comments

Unfortunately, USANA New Zealand and businesses in the building have been having ongoing issues with illegal parking around the building.

We have received an email from building management that they will be enforcing parking rules around the building, which means if you are parked incorrectly, your car can be towed at your own expense.

Parking illegally poses many issues, including that it could be a fire hazard or that it is an inconvenience to other drivers, so let’s help make parking at our building a positive experience for all!

To ensure your car is not towed, make sure you are following the car-park rules, including the ones listed below. We also have a few tips for if you find yourself in a difficult spot with no ‘USANA Visitor’ car-parks.

Parking warning letter from building management

Don’t risk your car getting towed!

Parking Rules

Do NOT park in these areas:

  • Along the side of the building
  • Behind another car
  • Another business’s carpark
  • ‘USANA Pick-Up’ carparks (if you are staying any longer than picking up product)
  • Anywhere that is not an official car park
  • Anywhere that is not marked as a ‘USANA Visitor’ car park (except paid parking)
  • ‘USANA Staff’ Car Parks

DO park in these areas:

  • An official carpark with a ‘USANA Visitor’ sign
  • Paid parking at the Ellerslie Racecourse
  • Drive further away to find free parking and go for a walk

No Car-parks Left? No Worries

It is frustrating when we are having a busy day and the USANA Visitor car-parks are full. However, there are other options!

If you are driving out of the USANA driveway, take the third exit at the roundabout (turn right), and there are lots or parking spaces. It is paid parking, however if you only need a short visit, parking starts at $3 for an hour, or $7 for 24 hours.

Yes, we know… No one likes to pay for parking. However, when you think about it, $3 is less than you would pay for a good coffee and a lot less than towing costs! In addition, the parking machine accepts debit/credit cards as well as cash and it’s a short walk to the office.

Thanks for Your Cooperation

Thank you for following the building parking rules and helping to create a happy parking atmosphere! We want you, as well as all of our Associates, customers and guests to have a positive experience when they visit our building.

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